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About CMRI
Chongqing Materials Research Institute(CMRI),formally known as Chongqing Instrument Materials Research Institute(CIMRI), was established in 1961 as a subsidiary company of China National Machinery Industrial Corporation (SINOMACH, one of fortune 500), which is the only institute of instrument functional research in China. Nowadays, there are 460 employees in tot
Product & Service

Special alloy
CMRI’s products covers corrosion resistant alloys, high temperature alloy, precision alloy, and special stainless steel and so on, hundreds of brand each year. Products include circular, bread, ring, flange, rod, pl....

Precious & refractory metal
Temperature measurement department is specialized in temperature measurement materials’ application research, development, production. It has developed production line for noble metal like Pt、Rh、Pd、Ir and refractory ....

Engineering instruments
CMRI produced the first sheathed thermocouple, the first temperature measurement cable and the first double parameters line type temperature sensor in China. Meanwhile, we researched and produced 8 kinds of normal thermo....

Complete engineering
CMRI's complete engineering business covers energy industry, chemical industry, public works, and provides thermodynamic instrument, DCS control system, video suverliance system, test devices, motor water pump, etc......


Test service
Machinery industrial instrument materials products quality supervision and inspection center is a national specialized in technical services and consulting organizations test (calibration) Obtained the National Measureme....

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